A Brave Warrior

Have you ever asked yourself honestly, whether now you are still a follower of Christ ? It is a deception if you think that as long as you are a Christian that means you are His loyal follower. Also for pastors, it is a deception or ignorance if they think that they are servants of God only because they can keep the congregation to be faithful as Christians. If we lived at the time of the Lord Jesus as He was ministering on earth, and witnessing to Peter and his friends, we could have said that they are the faithful followers of Lord Jesus. Is it true ? Among them was not only Judas, but Peter also had betrayed Jesus. If he had not repented, he could have never been an apostle. Also the other disciples, who hid with great fear when their teacher was arrested and tortured. Was there any disciple who still stood beside Jesus at that time ? No one. He became a king without a crown, a king without followers, without any honor at all. His crown of thorns had made His face flooded with blood. It turned out that being together with their Master in three and a half years had not yet made them as loyal a follower they thought.

The journey should be continued when the Holy Spirit descended upon them. God equipped them by the power of His Spirit, and then the new way to follow the Lord Jesus was a struggle to continue what He has done. As the Father sent Jesus, now Jesus sends us. As His servants we shall understand well what needs to be done. Responsibilities that were charged to the Lord Jesus by God Father, is now imposed on His followers. The disciples of the Lord Jesus and other believers in the early centuries had proven their loyalty as the representatives who continued the task to save all mankind. They had submitted their life fully to do the task witout thinking of their own life. That is a good army that is said by Paul in 2 Timothy 2:3-4, that a good soldier of Christ Jesus does not bother himself with the affairs of this life, that thereby he may please his commander. The disciples of the Lord Jesus during the early century were humble people, though they did not have a correct understanding. But they learnt to reach the level at which they are able to understand the valuable salvation needed by mankind and they were willing to fight for the good news to be spread. Likewise, we must be prepared and be involved in His work.

You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. ( 2 Timothy 2:3 – NKJV )


About Erastus Sabdono

Preacher of truth, speaker in seminars, TV and radio programs, senior pastor of Rehobot Ministry

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